Glenda Akers Memorial Cruise-In

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Company Overview
Fries Volunteer Fire & Rescue was chartered in 1961. We thrive on making our community a safer place. All of our members are dedicated and hard working  to protect and serve our community. At this time the department offers 30 full members, 14 associate members and 15 explorers.
Fries Volunteer Fire & Rescue is a full service organization. We provide fire protection and EMS services. We also provide other services that our community may need. We strive to be as self-sufficient as possible. Our membership has a wide variety of skills and proffessions. Operating as a department and a community... center. We have two facilities: one is a new fire station and the other is our Providence community center. Which hosts four community based outreach programs.
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Additional members:
Randy Lineberry
Dustin Robinson
Adam Baumgardner
Wade Johnson
Tyler Peebles
Buddy Moore
Elyse Sumner
Richard White
Rhonda Brown
Junior Young
Tim Swinney
Carl Ring
Cory Jennings
Cody Moore
Arlen Lineberry
Keith Nelson
Larry Williams
Eric Lawson
Eric Rose

Associate members:
Eldon Burris
Casey Peebles
Victoria Johnson
Jimmy Stuart
Jason Burris
Rhonda Elkins
Mike Hackler
Terry Harris
Trina Lineberry
Doug Johnson
Amber Ray
Kathy Lineberry
Gary Funk
Andrew Bailey
We as a department solemnly swear that we will do the best of our abilities and even at the cost of great personal sacrifice to be prompt in our attendance to all alarms and meetings of the department. We will be efficient in carrying out our duties as firefighters by becoming familiar with the equipment in use and keeping informed of the latest and best firefighting methods.
General Information
Officers, Trustees and additional members-
Robbie Carrico - Chief
Chad Stanley - Asst. Chief
Randell Vaughan - Captain
... Wayne Amburgey - First Lieutenant
Curtis Ring - Second Lieutenant
Bobby Jones - Rescue Captain
Randy Matney - Rescue Lieutenant

Business Officers:
Allen Faulkner (President)
Randy Matney (Vice President)
Randell Vaughan (Treasurer)
Chrystal Faulkner (Secretary)
Samantha Amburgey&Chrystal Faulkner (Reporters)
Robbie Carrico
Randell Vaughan
Chad Stanley
Jimmy Underwood
Justin Hines